Zach Spafford

Zach Spafford is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Faith Based Coach, and former pornography viewer who has brought his knowledge of struggle and success to the world through his highly rated podcast, The Self Mastery Podcast. 
Zach has been married for 19 years to his wife Darcy, a fellow coach who specializes in helping women whose husbands struggle with pornography. Together, they have 8 children.  
Through his program, clients find the strength to finally leave pornography behind for good through rediscovering themselves, increasing self-confidence, and reassertion of their agency.  
If you’d like to learn more about Zach and his work though a free 30 minute consult go to

Nicole Rasmussen

With over 20 years experience serving with the Young Women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as several teenagers of her own, Nicole knows a thing or two about helping young people learn to thrive.

She's the Relationship Coach for Parents of Teenagers, and she loves  helping parents connect with their teens in more meaningful ways.
You can find her on insta @lifecoachnicole or email at [email protected]

Joey Mascio

I am a Success Coach for high school and college students. I help students stop letting stress and procrastination suck all of the fun out of being successful. Because why be successful if it’s not going to be FUN? I am extremely effective at what I do for three reasons:

1) As an award-winning school teacher and counselor, I have worked with hundreds of students and know the strain the education system can put on them. 
2) As a certified life coach, I know how to use cognitive behavioral approaches to give students the power back over their life and actions.

3) As a trained improviser and experienced entertainer who has performed on hundreds of stages over the past two decades, I don’t make what I do boring!!

I help students create more motivation, manage their schedule and their stress, and carve out their future with certainty and a determination fitting to their potential.
You can find me over at

Jessica Wiest

Jessica is the coach for parents who are ready to drop the power struggle with their kids (without losing their sanity or letting go of their values). She particularly loves coaching moms on that one kid that is always pushing boundaries and struggling to find his way in the world. With five active kids of her own, she gets lots of practice with what she preaches.

She also offers a signature group coaching program for women called "Getting Your Life Back in Eight Weeks." 

When not coaching or homeschooling, she can be found working on her vegan kids cookbook or singing at the top of her lungs. Or sleeping.

Her favorite question to ask of every relationship is over at

Kyla Beecroft

Hi. I’m Kyla Beecroft and I’m The Purpose Coach. My mission is to give members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints all the tools you need to live an inspiring life that you love. I empower you to reach your divine potential by teaching you how to find and fulfill your unique purpose, have a massive impact, and build the Kingdom of God on earth. Are you ready to gain clarity on who you really are and what you are capable of? You were born for this!

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Ben Pugh

When I was a teen I was a KNUCKLEHEAD!

I got suspended from school multiple times due to poor decisions, and it seemed like all of the adults in my life had chalked me up as a lost cause. I remember constantly being in trouble at home, at school, and at church.

All the adults in my life thought I was doing everything ALL WRONG, and I believed them.

It wasn’t until 20 years later that everything started making sense. As a high school principal, I realized that all of those struggles that I had in school and at home had actually prepared me to be a powerful principal and life coach. I leaned that my struggles weren’t a problem; they were simply a part of my process.

Now, as a life coach, I help parents connect with their teens, no matter how much trouble they’re in. I help both teens and parents understand the individual process involved in becoming an adult, and we develop the skills that it takes to create mental toughness, emotional resiliency, and a powerful parent/teen relationship.

You can find me over at

Tiffany Rhoton

Tiffany is The Young Adult Life Coach.  She coaches older teens and young adults ages 17-30 who lack self-confidence, feel overwhelmed, and who are struggling to make decisions.  Not only does she love her young adult clients, but she has 5 children who are all teens and young adults and understand the challenges they face as well as the challenges we have as parents in raising them. 
She and her husband, Devin have been married for 29 years.  Tiffany graduated from BYU in Education and has spent most of her adult life mentoring youth and young adults in many capacities. She loves everything outdoors including downhill skiing, wake-surfing, and biking. 
She finds great joy in helping young adults find value and purpose in themselves and their lives. 
Instagram: @tiffany_rhoton
Facebook: Direct Your Life Coaching
Podcast: Happy Young Adults

Christi Davis

I specialize in family relationships… because sometimes the most important relationships are the hardest ones to get right! Even though we LOVE our people, sometimes they make us crazy! I will help you spend less time nagging, worrying and stressing, and more time loving and enjoying your people. 

You can find me over at

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