Hey, Jessica here.

Can I tell you a bit of my story??

If you were to peek in at my life 5 years ago, you would find a happily married wife and mother of five darling kids, living my ideal life. You'd find a mom who loves to bake and play with her kids and avoid laundry. And as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I also have a robust faith tradition and culture very much a part of my life. All good things!

With all that, however, I felt a little frustrated that my day-to-day felt a little stressful and overwhelming and vaguely dissatisfying. Here I was living my happily ever after! And yet . . . now that I look back, I can see that it felt a little direction-less. 

Of course I had eternal vision, and motivation to teach my children and share my faith and be a good citizen--but I just didn't feel like I was reaching my full potential as a creator.

I felt busy.

But busy is not the legacy I wanted to create for my life.



So what changed for me?
I found an LDS life coach--

and my world was blown open when I learned a skillset like nothing I had ever learned before.

After discovering the powerful tools that life coaching brought to my time management, my goal-setting, my parenting, and my faith, I became an advocate for this education, and I got certified to teach what I had learned. 

My main purpose in becoming a life coach was to share these skills with other members of the Church--

especially the women and men who have it all and yet find themselves getting overwhelmed or frustrated or disappointed in others and themselves. 

We need these skills, you and I. We are doing a great work, and our actions shape not only today, but they shape tomorrow. We cannot sit on the sidelines of our own lives!



"You don't know what you don't know," I constantly tell my children. "But God does."

That is my current motto for my life. I hope, if you have found this page, that you will consider that it might not be a coincidence that you have found it. It may, in fact, be a divinely inspired moment in your life.

I believe that God wants us to have firmness of mind, love and not fear, and the skillset for loving others unconditionally.

I have chosen this path. It feels amazing, and beautifully compatible with my faith AND my happily ever after.

The legacy that I am no creating is one where I am learning to

do less and be more.

And it's a beautiful thing

I hope you'll join me.