There are two ways to work with me:

Work with me One-on-One

Bring all your drama. I've got you. (And can I just say, there is nothing in the world as cathartic as dumping all the heartache and insecurities and confusion, and having someone gently sort through the pieces to help you solve for all of it.)

Take my 8-Week Course

This is the investment of a lifetime (literally--you'll use the tools every day the rest of your life). There's a reason it's called "Getting Your Life Back in 8 Weeks." Weekly modules and accompanying coaching calls will walk you through the process of rediscovering yourself.

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Your house doesn't look like that cover of the Family Home Evening manual. Or the cover of anything, for that matter.

Instead, home life feels like a circus on wheels. On fire.

It's a crazy one.

An irreverent one.

An auto-pilot one.

A not-so-pretty-and-I'm-kind-of sure-we're-doing-some-things wrong one.

Some days it seems like that idea of family bliss is so inaccessible.

If any of that resonates with you, then THIS is the intervention you've been waiting for.

Step 1: You need a shame cleanse

What's a shame cleanse??

It's the soul shower that helps you rinse off and dump all the shame (or anger, or resentment, or frustration) somewhere constructive. Getting all the icky, deep, hurt and desperate feelings out of you.

It's so therapeutic.

And it can take years off of your soul.

***Places that DON'T typically work for effectively dumping the discomfort, shame, bitterness or frustration:

You likely already know all this, but let's be honest: it feels pretty validating (and juicy) to just find your people and keep a private running commentary going.

There's a better way, I promise.

Let's do a shame [or resentment, anger, frustration or overwhelm] cleanse:

Now for Step 2: It's time to get your life back

Your story.

The one you want to be living.

You've been letting others write it, am I right?

The people who need you, the busy day-to-day, the errands, the needy kids, the appointments and the bills and everything in between.

It's okay. You've been doing amazing running all the things. But you're overwhelmed and burned out and sometimes wishing you could just run away from it all.

That's a sign that it's time.

It's YOUR turn.

Like I said, intervention.

And not an intervention for anyone else. This is for you.

This is not to say you are running away from your life. QUITE the contrary. You cannot be the everything when you are depleted. You can't put on an oxygen mask for someone else when you yourself are struggling to breathe. You can't show up as the best version of yourself when you are running on fumes.

This intervention doesn't involve you running away, but rather making your well-being a priority so that you can continue to serve others at your highest level.

And if you don't take your life back, who's going to do it for you? It's not your kids' job. Or your husband's. Or that exotic beach in Costa Rica. (While I do recommend vacations always, going on vacation with a depleted soul isn't going to do ANYTHING for you in the long run, because your brain will go with you.)

Let me explain what I mean

Someday, when the story of your life is told, will it maybe go something like this--?

How about we make your legacy more than just,
"Well, she was nice. And busy."

Let's talk about your unique life mission. Maybe it's time to rediscover a few things about yourself. Time to rediscover you

Ever read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein?

Yeah. That.

The beautiful tree ends up a stump.

Everyone loves Shel's poetry. But that poor giving tree is the perfect model of people-pleasing self destructive behavior. Of behavior that involves sacrificing everything that we have TO THE DETRIMENT OF OUR LIVES AND OUR PURPOSE AND OUR DIVINE NATURE.

Not today, Shel.

As your coach I say that stump is NOT GOING TO BE YOU.

Not if I can help it.

Let's do this: