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Every Mom is a Coach in
The Coaching Circle


It's the gift that every mom needs:

The community of women who recognize the value of their mental and emotional well being. Because we all know that if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

We are a group of powerful women, just like you. We love our people fiercely, just like you. And because of that, we are engaged in learning the mind-blowing skills of emotional self-reliance and the pragmatics of faith, hope & charity.

We're learning to tap into what we really want.

We're unlocking a deeper understanding of our divine nature & destiny.

And then we're modeling that for our children.

It's a win-win-win.

Come inside and learn the secret.

I'm ready. Let's do this.

The 8-week course by itself is a game-changer.
{There's a reason it's called
"Getting Your Life Back in 8 Weeks."

In 8 weeks you come to understand your brain and emotions in a way you have NEVER learned before.

You learn the secret to never being an emotional victim again--not to any person, not to anything.

You get to experience the power of life coaching in a loving and safe environment with like-minded women.

And most of all, you learn how to unlock your potential.

The results are life-changing.
And your future self will thank you.

We want you with us.

I'm ready to join!

Five years from now,
you'll still be Mom.

And chances are, five years from now will look similar to what today looks like. The problems might be slightly different, but your brain will handle them much like it always has.

But wait! If you want it to, your today could be really different:

  • Imagine what it would it be like to handle the chaos and the emotions with complete confidence.
  • How would it feel knowing you have tools to solve for every curveball that comes your way?
  • To handle relationships and decision-making with complete grace?
  • To step into your birthright as a divine being with the power to act and not be acted upon?
  • To be completely in-tune with what dreams you want to achieve, and creating space so that your day-to-day can reflect that vision?

    What magic could you create in your life if you removed the confusion and the anxiety and the overwhelm and began living soulfully in the present?!

I promise you have never learned these tools--and they will rock your world.

I'm Ready to Join The Coaching Circle

What others are saying:

Time and time again, the expressions and the sentiment are almost complete shock.
"How did I never learn this?"
"Why don't they teach this in school?"

And my personal favorite, "How have I survived this far without these self reliance skills?!"

Are you ready to open the door to total empowerment?

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