Yes, you.

I know how hard you've been working,

and how isolated and emotionally draining the motherhood road feels. You love this life, but it's time for some backup help--and that's where our paths come together.

I help you step into a place of peace that you didn't even know was possible--in your relationships, in your sense of wholeness, and in the divine and creative endeavors that are in your future.

It's time to invest in YOU-- 

because loving and respecting yourself is essential

(If YOUR tank is half-empty, you certainly can't help others with their needs.)

Ready to join the club?

"I'm really not sure what I love anymore because I've been so focused on my kids."

{I hear this from my clients all the time.}

But! And this is important: you don't regret being a mom, right?! Not at all. [We all know that being a mom is the best job on the planet.]

You love those kids and that life you live. You just sort of wonder. . . is it always going to feel this hard? How can I find personal fulfillment AND take care of my family? Where is the line between feeling content with life and still striving for more?

What happens when you give yourself permission to be both a nurturing mother AND a girl with big dreams to pursue?

(--one side benefit is that you model for your kids how to follow their own dreams.)

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I'm Jessica. And I've been in your shoes

At one point the mental and emotional drain got so bad that I contemplated running away.

The main part of the problem was I just didn't feel like I had anyone to talk to about what was wrong with me, despite being surrounded by friends and people who loved me

Also, I knew there wasn't anything seriously wrong with me. I was perfectly able to get through the days (albeit not like the happy homemaker I'd always imagined I'd be). 

There had to be more to being a mom than constant drain and frustration, right? I was living the "happily ever after" part of my story. I had it all:
  • a great husband
  • darling kids
  • a comfortable home life 
  • a fulfilling and vibrant faith
  • friends
So why wasn't I happy?!!
What in the world was I missing?

Turns out I WAS missing something.

And once I accessed some powerful emotional self-reliance tools, my life changed forever.

Learn about the resource I created just for MOMS

"Why am I not happy?"

(Do you ever ask yourself this question?)

Do you even have a list for what you SHOULD BE DOING in order to be happier?
Things like:

  • Exercising more regularly
  • Eating healthy
  • Studying scriptures consistently
  • Serving others
  • Praying and meditating
  • Keeping your life & house organized
  • Taking time to recharge
  • Etc

Doing all those things perfectly is [as you know] impossible--

--and so it can feel like real peace and happiness is never within your grasp.

{Except for about 5 superhuman days a year when you can say you ate healthy, went for a run, read scriptures, cleaned your house and did service.

All day.

Oh, and you wrote your kids cute notes for their lunchboxes, too.

**Happiness achieved.**

Bummer that tomorrow will come and mess it up.}

The powerful truth is that you are closer than you realize.

Your Heavenly Parents want to help you become like them, and they want you to find the joy that is part of your divine birthright. If you are reading this, welcome! I promise that it isn't a coincidence. Why? Because I don't believe in coincidences. But also because I know some powerful tools to help you access the highest version of yourself.

This work is for you if any of the following apply to your life:

  • You just wish you could access the happier, thinner, or more enthusiastic version of yourself that seems to have been lost since you had kids.
  • You know nothing is seriously wrong with you, but life just is so gray sometimes. 
  • You feel like there are less-than-ideal relationships in your life that you can't seem to fix, no matter how hard you try.
  • You feel like a victim to your finances or your calendar or other demands on your time and energy, even when you value those demands (i.e., kids' needs or church callings).
  • You find yourself engaging in power struggles with your spouse or your kids in ways that leave all of you angry and defeated.
  • You find yourself unable to take time for yourself in meaningful ways (and when you do take time, that pedicure doesn't actually fix your emotional longings).
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